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Viña La Ronciere

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To visit this site you must be of legal drinking age

Viña La Ronciere apoya el consumo responsable de alcohol, ya que hacerlo en exceso afecta la salud de mujeres embarazadas, jóvenes y altera las capacidades de los conductores.

Viña La Ronciere supports the responsible consumption of alcohol, as doing it excessively affects the health of pregnant women, young people and alters the capacities of drivers.

D.O Licanten

In the vineyards of Idahue Estate, located only 25 km from the Pacific Ocean in Licantén, this great high-end wine is born, with great body and elegance.

The winemaking process was carried out in micro-fermentation tanks. Later, the wine was aged during 10 months in French oak barrels.