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Viña La Ronciere

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Viña La Ronciere apoya el consumo responsable de alcohol, ya que hacerlo en exceso afecta la salud de mujeres embarazadas, jóvenes y altera las capacidades de los conductores.

Viña La Ronciere supports the responsible consumption of alcohol, as doing it excessively affects the health of pregnant women, young people and alters the capacities of drivers.


To place the vineyard in soils that concretely constitute a well-defined territorial unit, together with certain geographical, geological, hydrological, climatological and micro-climatic characteristics, will be the basis for the production of a high-end wines. To look for and find places that have most of these characteristics has been a constant challenge for us, but it has not been the only one ...

In our opinion, all the above concepts would be useless if we don´t have at the same time a cultural perspective that directly reflects the human society that develops it. Our vineyards are distributed between the VI and the IX region, in the valleys of Cachapoal, Colchagua, Licanten and Malleco, which also includes the three classification zones.
Idahue Estate - Licantén
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