CANTOALBA Chardonnay

VINEYARSanta Elena, Tinguiririca
SUELOFranco arcilloso de origen aluvial
OENOLOGISTJuan Aurelio Muñoz

Hand picked harvest, carried out during the first half of March. The grapes are harvested early in the morning to maintain their optimal concentration of aromas and flavors. 

Fermentation takes place at low temperatures for 25 days, without malolactic.
100% Storage Process 
It is kept in stainless steel tanks. 

Aging Potential
It can be enjoyed immediately or stored in the bottle for 2 years.

Description of the Wine
Distinguished and fine. It has an attractive combination of fruit aromas such as pineapple, peach and pear. In the mouth, there is an adequate acidity that correctly adjusts to its volume and density. Round, elegant wine with a defined character.
We recommend drinking it between 8 °C to 12 °C

Winemaker’s Commentary
A precise proposal for a reserve-level wine. Carefully selected grapes and meticulous work in the cellar contribute to create a consistent, flavorful, and easy-to-drink wine.

Service Temperature
8 °C / 12 °C

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