Licantén Shiraz

VINEYARDFundo Idahue, Licantén
SOILGranites in licorella soils
VARIETYShiraz: 85%
Merlot: 8%
Cabernet sauvignon: 7%
OENOLOGISTJuan Aurelio Muñoz

The grapes come from our ldahue vineyard, located in Licanten, 25km from the Pacific Ocean and next to the Mataquito River. A hand picked harvest was donefollowed by a later selection of the best bunches.

The Fermentation was done in micro-fermentation tanks, at ranges of 26°C and 28°C for seven days, to continue with maceration for a period of another 30 days. Finally, it was aged in French oak barrels for 10 months, to be later bottled.

Aging Process
100% of the blend was aged in French oak barrels, first use, for 10 months.

Aging Potential
It can be enjoyed immediately or stored in the bottle for 10 years. 

Description of the Wine
Shiraz is a grape that adapts very well to different climates, but stands out in cold areas. Particularly intense in color, its freshness and elegance on the palate and its ability to fill the palate with noble and silky tannins that, together with a pleasant and correct natural acidity, result in a wine with optimal structure and balance. Great exponent of a fresh red wine from the Chilean coast

Winemaker’s Comments
The Licantén line is the soul of our field on the Curicó coast. Every year, we select the best plots to make a unique wine. They are wines that have a main variety and that can be blended with other grapes in a small proportions to bring outstandingsensations.

Service Temperature
16° C – 18° C / 6l° F – 64° F

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