Breaking with the established rules to search for one's own identity meant a 4-year exploration through different valleys and areas of Chile, until finally and after a lot of searching we found what we were looking for... The coastline of the Curicó Valley, in the Licantén district, revealed to us a dreamlike place for viticulture; Its name in the indigenous language describes it perfectly “Place of Magic Stones.”

Next to the banks of the Mataquito River and about 25 kilometers away from the sea, amidst the pronounced slopes of the ancient coastal range, unfolds a mosaic of different types of metamorphic soils such as licorellas, lutitas(shales), silty soil and some areas with loamy clay character.

The combination of such varied elements makes this place a true “Microclimate”, which led to its recognition  as a new Denomination of Origin for Chilean viticulture, being until now the only vineyard established in this place. Planted only with red vines, in this vineyard we obtain fresh and powerful wines, with firm and silky tannins, deep colors along with intense and fruity flavors. All ofthe above factors allows us to acquire the tools to envision a future in a different dimension concerning our wine proposal and our unique identity.

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