Piedras Mágicas Carignan

VINEYARDFundo Idahue
SOILGranitic and Lutitas.
OENOLOGISTJuan Aurelio Muñoz


The grapes come from our ldahue Estate, located in the Licantén district, 25 km from the Pacific Ocean, next to the Mataquito River. A hand picked manual harvest was done followed by selection of the best bunches.

The Fermentation done in micro-fermentation tanks, at ranges of 26°C and 28°C during seven days, followed by a 30 days maceration process. Finally, it is aged in French oak barrels for 10 months, to be later bottled.

Aging Process
100% of the wine is aged in French barrels (30% new barrels and 70% second and third use barrels) for 10 months. It is then bottled and cellared for 3 months.

Aging Potential
10 years. 

Wine Description
Deep red wine with aromas of blackberry, plum and floral notes. In the mouth, it has a complex sensation of black fruits combined with vanilla notes. It is round and elegant, its volume and silkiness stand out, with juicy tannins and a friendly and persistent acidity.  

Winemaker’s Comments
The Piedras Mágicas line has its origin in a selection of small plots, chosen for special characteristics of soil and microclimate. It is a wine made up of a main variety, Service Temperaturewhich can be complemented with others, in a small proportion; in order to achieve outstanding sensations and characteristics. 

16° C – 18° C / 6l° F – 64° F

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