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Viña La Ronciere

Para ingresar a este sitio debes ser mayor de edad

To visit this site you must be of legal drinking age

Viña La Ronciere apoya el consumo responsable de alcohol, ya que hacerlo en exceso afecta la salud de mujeres embarazadas, jóvenes y altera las capacidades de los conductores.

Viña La Ronciere supports the responsible consumption of alcohol, as doing it excessively affects the health of pregnant women, young people and alters the capacities of drivers.

Policy of La Ronciere


  • To comply with all environmental, quality and safety, occupational health and safety law and regulations, as well as other commitments signed by the company; which will rule the operation of the wine cellar and winemaking process.
  • The commitment to the continuous improvement in the 3 areas of management, based on the establishment of the objectives and goals of this policy, as well as through the establishment of performance indicators.
  • Promote awareness among workers regarding their responsibility for the safety of the finished product. Minimizing the probability of introducing hazards for food safety.
  • It will lead its management to meet the requirements of customers, and thus to improve and increase their satisfaction.
  • Commitment to prevent environmental pollution; as well as minimize occupational risks and occupational health.
  • It will incentive among the staff the concern and respect for each other, for the environment, health, the safety and product quality; inculcating in each employee a sense of responsibility and efficient management, implementing appropriate operation and training practices.
  • It will promote the diffusion of the efforts made within the company to comply with the objectives and goals, sharing their own experience with customers, the neighbourhood, Technical Education schools and companies in general.