La Ronciere Vineyard Policy

  • Comply with all environmental, quality and safety, occupational health and safety laws and regulations, as well as other commitments signed by the company; which will rule the operation of the winery and its production process.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in the 3 management areas, based on the establishment of the objectives and goals that arise from this policy, as well as through the establishment of performance indicators.
  • Promote awareness among workers regarding their responsibility for the safety of the finished product. Minimizing the likelihood of introducing hazards to food safety. It will guide its management to comply with customer requirements, and thus improve and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Commitment to prevent environmental pollution; as well as the minimization of labor and occupational health risks.
  • It will motivate among its staff concern and respect for each other, for the environment, health, safety and product quality; instilling in each employee a sense of responsibility and efficient management, implementing appropriate operating and training practices.
  • Efforts within the company to achieve objectives and goals will be promoted, sharing our own experiences with customers, local community, technical schools and companies in general.
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