Every dawn since 1949, the crowing of the rooster over our vineyards signals the beginning of a new day in LA RONCIERE. Since then, our commitment has been to offer to Chile and to the world, wines of the highest quality.

Cantoalba is a special selection from the winemaker, who offers us a harmonious, vigorous and elegant wine.



Strong and serene. Bright red color with violet tints. On the nose shows complexaromas of black fruit, such as black currant, plum and tobacco. In the mouth you can feel good structure and volume, with silky tannins.


Impetuous and authentic. Deep red color with violet tints. Ripe fruit appears on the nose with notes of plum and blackberry, spices and some touches of chocolate. It is a structured Carmenere with ripe, soft and rounded tannins, with an excellent body, balanced and silky finish


Harmonious and balanced. Dark ruby ​​color with violet tints. On the nose there are aromas of blackberry, cherry and fresh plum with menthol and toasted nuances. In the mouth it has a medium body with fine and pleasant tannins, good acidity, balance and long finish.


Peaceful and natural. Intense dark red color. On the nose you feel fresh fruitaromas, such as strawberry, raspberry and currant; spicy and chocolate notes. In the mouth, its good body and volume are combined with balanced acidity and long finish.


Happy and authentic. Red and bright purple color. Fresh aromas like cherry and blackberry with some touches of eucalyptus, mocha and vanilla. In the mouth it feels round, full-bodied, with soft and juicy tannins.


Sophisticated and elegant, with its particular bright ruby ​​red color and violet tints. Aroma of red and black fruits such as cherry, raspberry, currant and violet, with notes of coconut, anise and flowers. In the mouth, it has a medium to light body. The presense of velvety and soft tannins makes it a very pleasant and easy to drink wine.


Distinguished and fine. It has an attractive combination of fruit aromas such as pineapple, peach and pear. In the mouth, there is an adequate acidity that correctly adjusts to its volume and density. Round, elegant wine with a defined character.


Modern and sophisticated, with a straw yellow color. Herbal and citrus notes. In the mouth, it stands out as a white wine with good volume, appropriate aciditythat achieves a fresh and clean sensation. Elegant and notable persistence.

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