CANTOALBA Carmennere

VINEYARFundo Idahue, Licantén
SOILGranitic in licorellas soil
OENOLOGISTJuan Aurelio Muñoz

Manual harvest. 
Hand picked harvest, carried out in mid-April, in plastic bins. In the vineyard, a rigorous inspection is carried out, eliminating any element that does not meet the required quality standard.

The Fermentation takes place in small stainless steel tanks, at 26-28°C for 7 days and then 30 days of maceration.

Aging Process 
40% of the mixture is stored in second-use French oak barrels for 6 months. 
The remaining 60% is kept in stainless steel tanks. 

Aging Potential
It can be enjoyed immediately or stored in the bottle for 6 years.

Description of the Wine
Impetuous and authentic. Deep red color with violet tints. Ripe fruit appears on the nose with notes of plum and blackberry, spices and some touches of chocolate. It is a structured Carmenere with ripe, soft and rounded tannins, with an excellent body, balanced and silky finish

Winemaker’s Comments
A concrete proposal for a reserve level wine. Carefully selected grapes,meticulous production and delicate aging in barrels, come together to create aconsistent, tasty and easy-to-drink wine.

Service Temperature
16° C – 18° C / 6l° F – 64° F

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